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Define colonia : an unincorporated settlement (as of Mexican-Americans or Mexicans) in the U. Una colonia es un conjunto de personas que proceden de un mismo territorio y que se establecen en otro. El término también se utiliza para nombrar al lugar donde se establecen estas personas y, por extensión, al territorio que es dominado por una potencia extranjera. Colonia , un género de aves paseriformes;.

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Mexico, a neighborhoo district, or suburb of a city 2. Mexican and Mexican-AmericanOrigin of coloniaMexican Spanish. A shantytown inhabited mainly by speakers of Spanish and located in the United States near the border with Mexico. English dictionary definition of colonia.

Meaning of colonia as a finance term. What does colonia mean in finance? Given their infrastructure deficiencies, most colonias are very poor.

The broad definition of colonias , however, has opened federal agencies to criticism. To obtain the colonia designation, counties or local governments simply pass a resolution that identifies specific neighborhoods or places as needing infrastructure. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache. Verify COLONIA in Scrabble dictionary and games, check COLONIA definition , COLONIA in wwf, Words With Friends score for COLONIA , definition of COLONIA. Synonyms for colonial at Thesaurus.

Dictionary and Word of the Day. Echa un vistazo a los 41. On the basis of this definition , the state began to develop programs that would help distribute funds to ameliorate these substandard conditions. A Roman colonia was originally a Roman outpost established in conquered territory to secure it. Eventually, however, the term came to denote the highest status of Roman city.

Generally, HUD and USDA Rural Development both define colonias as rural communities within the US-Mexico border region that lack adequate water, sewer, or decent housing, or a combination of all three. An adjective used to describe any person, event, or organization that is associated with excessive alcohol consumption. Derived from the fact that in colonial times approximately three times as much liquor was consume per capita, by the population of the United States.

Mexico, Arizona and California, but Texas has both the largest number of colonias and the largest colonia population. The size of the colony can vary from just a few breeding pairs to hundreds or thousands of .

The TCEQ can also provide assistance through “supplemental environmental projects. View text version of this infographic. How long does it take to read every word in the . Throughout the Empire period former legionnary bases were often converted to colonia by granting land to retired legionnaries. Each colonia was governed by an ordo (council), under the control of four quattuoviri (annually appointed magistrates).

The thinking was that these. Definition of COLONIAL LAWS: In America, this term designates the body of law in force in the thirteen original colonies before the Declaration of Independence. Définition : Qui concerne les colonies.

First, there is no census geography for colonias that is equivalent to the county or census tract. This means that singling out colonia populations is difficult and impossible in many situations. Secon colonias are oftentimes home to undocumented immigrants, and many fall beneath the census radar. Thir definitions of what .

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