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The easy way to install Ruby on Windows This is a self-contained Windows – based installer that includes the Ruby language, an execution environment, important. En caché Similares La lista siguiente muestra los diferentes métodos de instalación para las diversas necesidades y plataformas. Sistemas Gestores de Paquetes.

En general, instalar Rails es tan sencillo como gem install rails, pero primero hay que tener el lenguaje Ruby y el gestor de librerías Rubygems en el sistema, lo que. But there is a large number of. Many Ruby libraries are designed to run on Linux, and can exhibit problems when run on Windows. Microsoft partnered with Canonical and other Linux distributions to enable native support for the Bash shell and Linux command line tools to solve this issue.

Ruby is the programming language that Jekyll is written in. Install Ruby and the Ruby DevKit. On Windows , you need a precompiled version of Ruby. On Linux, you can compile from source.

Forward does not currently support 64bit versions of Ruby on Windows , so we recommend you install Ruby 1. Do NOT include whitespaces in the destination folder. Run ruby -v to verify command line access and version. On OS X machines, you can use third-party tools (rbenv and RVM). Una respuesta How to install ruby 2. How to update ruby in windows respuestas Más resultados de stackoverflow. To run Ruby on Windows , you have to install Ruby and several developer tools.

The following instructions have been tested with Windows and 8. Click the big red Download button. At this point, we could attempt to install Rails. But some of the libraries Rails depends on need some “build tools” in order to be compile and Windows lacks those tools by default. Up-to-date, detailed instructions on how to install the Rails newest release.

These installation guides are used by professional developers to configure their working environment for real-world . Bitnami native installers automate the setup of a Bitnami application stack on Windows , OS X or Linux. Each installer includes all of the software necessary to run out of the box (the stack). Bitnami stacks are completely self contained and will not . Did you know that while you were blazing through the Codecademy Ruby course on the web, you had a Ruby interpreter built in to your Mac operating system the whole time?

You should see Ruby begin to download and install within your command line window. RVM supports most UNIX like systems and Windows (with Cygwin or Bash on Ubuntu on Windows ). The basic requirements are bash , curl , gpgand overall GNU version of tools – but RVM tries to autodetect it and install anything that is needed.

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