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Main idea definition , the most important or central thought of a paragraph or larger section of text, which tells the reader what the text is about: Find the main idea in each paragraph. Dictionary and Word of the Day. Meaning of main point as a legal term. Synonyms for main idea at Thesaurus. What does main point mean in law?

Definition of point for English Language Learners.

When a story is dog vision, the way that dogs see is an example of the main idea. The lecturer illustrated his point with a diagram on the blackboard. MAIN IDEAS AND SUPPORTING DETAILS.

DEFINITION OF A PARAGRAPH. Organization of a Paragraph. Statement of the main idea. A main point summary reads much like an article abstract, giving the most important facts of the text. It should identify the title, author, and main point or argument.

As in all types of summary , a main point.

Word forms: plural talking points. A talking point is an interesting subject for discussion or argument. The compass and points of the compass :bearing, cardinal point , compass. This is the British English definition of cardinal point.

View American English definition of cardinal point. Implied Main Idea Defined. Have you ever looked everywhere for something, only to find it sitting right in front of you the whole time? Searching endlessly for something you know is there can be extremely frustrating. Accuracy was generally defined in terms of sampling errors, or total survey error.

Relevance was more difficult to define , but it mainly meant whether the data helped answer the questions of the day. The low price is one of its main selling points (=features that will help to sell it). Driving was not one of Baxter’s strong points.

The main point is that the first . There were some weak points in his argument. DSDG one of the marks or numbers that shows your score in a game or sport .

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