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This is a reproduction of the original AirBnB pitch deck. The company has since become a giant in . Their CEO Brian Chesky used the deck below to raise their initial round of financing. The original slides can be found here. The version you see below was .

Nicholas Hollan CEO of Populr. Founder of Entelo) Best Dozen. First Pitch Deck : piccsy. This company is one of the greatest startup success stories of our time. Just a quick makeover of the original pitch deck.

Regístrate ahora para estar enterado de todo lo que pasa en Oja. A pitch deck is a brief presentation, often created using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi, used to provide your audience with a quick plan. A collection of real fundraising decks from real startups.

In total, these decks have raised over $4million. The start for each and every one of these companies was no different from the start of all startups. Getting early investors on board . BuzzFeed billed itself as a “one stop shop for web buzz. And said it moved the video-content equivalent of “one Blockbuster store a day over the Internet.

These are snippets from the original startup pitch. See the early pitch decks of future mega-companies, including LinkedIn (before it had a dime of revenue) and Buzzfeed when it had just 2. Craigslist as competitors. Before Snapchat made its way to your list of favorite social media platforms, its purpose was dissecte measure and analyzed in a 14-slide pitch deck. Closing a funding round is not just about what is written on a piece of paper as a business plan or pitch deck. Most times, investors do not really care.

Nevertheless, not having a business plan or pitch deck could portray you as someone who does not plan or take things seriously. That may be the problem . Curated directory of pitch decks used by startup founders while raising money. The AirBnB pitch deck is the hot story these days which every funder and founder talks about.

The reason is the simplicity which this pitch deck brings on the table and that’s what most of the investors suggest- the simplicity in what you share in your pitch deck. We have replicated AirBnb pitch deck by .

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