No hay información disponible sobre esta página. Or your schedule for the day. You can take black and white pictures with the popSLATE app and then pop the image to the display.

In a matter of seconds, you can have a completely new case. The company later announced a . SLATE es una funda que posee certificación MFI por lo que no tendremos que preocuparnos por tener un accesorio que con el tiempo perderá compatibilida donde su mayor virtud es traernos la posibilidad de tener una segunda pantalla de pulgadas que además es de bajo consumo al usar tinta .

Pop what you love whenever you like. The best of a smartwatch, e-reader and battery case, all in one. But popSLATE promises to be the rehab for my swipe-screen addiction. I could use it to flaunt my . Doch das Crowdfunding- Projekt ist nun aus.

It missed various shipping dates and the company has just announced it has gone bankrupt and will not refund their customers. Indiegogo to bring this device to market. PopSlate provee no solo protección, sino también una segunda . Отличие от аналогов в том, что данный чехол питается от встроенного аккумулятора и .

Slap an e-ink display on the back of a protective case, and you suddenly get to use all that previously empty space for. Приветствуем вас на страницах блога iCover! There is eBook reading, clock display, dashboar and many other features. Firmware upgradeable over the air.

Он разработан для пользователей, которые часто проверяют уведомления. Syncing with a companion app over Bluetooth, its monochrome screen uses little to no battery power, making it ideal for displaying maps, to-do lists, speaking notes, recipes, electronic boarding passes, and other items that . Popslate app is a from the app store. Join LinkedIn today for free.

Follow popSLATE to get updates , news, and more. Heavy interviewed its CEO and CMO. Cómo es possible, pues gracias a una pantalla E Ink en su parte trasera, popSlate nos permitirá cambiar de fotos fácilmente. A fine art and commercial photography website with still life, foo portrait and travel photographs by Aya Brackett.

Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. They began shipping last spring.

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