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La versión holandesa y la internacional se han fusionado ahora en una sola plataforma internacional: Repaircafe. They are organised by and for local residents. Un número de voluntarios cada vez más creciente repara mensualmente más de 18. The cafes have taken root in states, including New York, where they are most prevalent in the Hudson Valley: Eight exist . Non profit organization dedicated to keeping useful goods out of landfill.

Want to prepare, share and repair too?

These tips will help you fix it. Do you have a broken household item? Conceived by Martine Postma, a Dutch journalist who was no longer . Learn to repair from a pro. Tinkering, patching and mending is making a comeback as a new breed of repair experts help people maintain household items for free rather than throw them out.

Or you could join the worldwide trend of taking your broken stuff to a “ repair café ”. The crowd-funded project will hold weekly repair sessions focusing on bikes, furniture and electrical items. Diese Seite hier wird bald gelöscht und nicht mehr aktuell gehalten. We organize repair cafés – free events that bring volunteers who like to fix things together with people who have broken items that need fixing.

Good as new: community members with broken stuff mingle with volunteers at a Fixers Collective meeting in New York City. Become a Volunteer Fixer . Cada año tiramos objetos que podrían tener una segunda vida si los reparásemos. Repair Trainers will offer a diagnosis and . Jessica Ferree brought in a toaster with a lever that no longer held slices down.

Sade Musa had a torn skirt with a sagging elastic band. Jean Prinz hoped to get the blades of her scissors honed and have holes drilled into her compost bins. The initiative is supported by Dublin City Council as part of its drive to reduce, . Outils et matériel sont disponibles pour effectuer toutes les réparations possibles et imaginables.

Vêtements, meubles, appareils électriques, vélos, vaisselle, jouets. Des bénévoles experts dans différents domaines . Their idea was to set up low-key meeting places nationwide where neighbours could repair their broken items themselves supported by specialist in a relaxed atmosphere. You will also find repair . By promoting repairs, Bolton Local wants to help reduce mountains of waste.

Organizer Ray Pfau says, “We throw away . In our program, patrons bring broken items – such as appliances, clothing, and electronics – and sit across from the . An unconventional repair shop can be found in the basement of a church in New Paltz, New York, as neighbors help one another fix things for free.

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