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Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Roof definition : The roof of a building is the covering on top of it that protects the people and things. English dictionary definition of roof.

The exterior surface and its supporting structures on the top of a building. The upper exterior surface of a dwelling as a symbol of the home.

A roof is part of a building envelope. It is the covering on the uppermost part of a building or shelter which provides protection from animals and weather, notably rain or snow, but also heat, wind and sunlight. The word also denotes the framing or structure which supports that covering.

The characteristics of a roof are . It keeps the rain out of your house party. That thing above your head as you sleep that protects you from the weather and flying monkeys. Not to be pronounced Ruff because only someone from the south with low levels of education would say something that asinine.

Define roof (noun) and get synonyms.

The cover or upper part of a house or other building, consisting of rafters covered with boards, shingles or tiles, with a side or sides sloping from the ridge, for the purpose of carrying off the water that falls in rain or snow. In Asia, the roofs of houses are flat or horizontal. Roofs have been constructed in a wide variety of. Roofs can have different appearances while serving similar functions. The plural rooves is uncommon and is considered by some to be incorrect, though it is parallel to more common plurals like hooves and staves.

The ridge of a sloped roof system is the horizontal top area where two sloped roof areas meet. Definition of a green roof as it relates to historic buildings. Roof : définition , synonymes, citations, traduction dans le dictionnaire de la langue française. Définition : Dunette moins large.

Understand how general insurers class a flat roof property and the impacts that can have on home insurance premiums. Synonyms for roof at Thesaurus. Dictionary and Word of the Day. We give the required roof slopes for different types of roofing materials and we illustrate several methods by which the slope or . Green roofs can be installed and.

Function: noun : a roof having two sides sloping from a ridge and forming a gable at each end. Help Contact Us Privacy Policy Copyright Notice.

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