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To accommodate any site situation, customized foundation options are available including cast-in-place concrete ballasts, concrete pillars, and micropile. Other optional accessories include advertising space, cable management, carport lighting, and drainage. With a carport , a high percentage of the power required in a building can be provided. In many cases, there even is a power surplus that can be used for power gas stations for your electric vehicles.

In certain cases, storing solar power is also a reasonable option.

The carport is simply used as a self- consumption plant: As . Un carport es la solución ideal para cubrir una gran parte de las necesidades de energía en el edificio y para abastecer con la energía excedente también las estacio- nes de servicio solar para vehículos eléctricos. En ciertos casos el almacenamiento de energía solar puede ser también un complemento útil. Carport assemly system (without modules). Starting from parking spaces. Please send us the completed checklist please.

With this document we can give you the price of the system.

Schletter has a long-term experience in the field of fastening technology. Our carport systems are designed in such a manner that existing parking lots and roof areas are used as far as possible. Schletter heavy-load residential carport kit is perfect for areas where solar and covered parking are desired. Ideal for electric vehicle EV owners, the kit fits most types of framed or frameless solar panels in a four vertical (portrait) by six across.

Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote. Each solar mounting system can be individually designed for a cost-effective photovoltaic mounting solution in utility-scale ground mounted systems, commercial or residential sloped-roof systems as well as flat-roof systems. In addition to mounting options for nearly any type of roof, Schletter offers PV carport systems, solar . An investment that pays off in several ways!

Swift and unproblematic mounting. Suitable for all kinds of modules. Optimum surface area utilization. For any desired alignment or module inclination. Customized foundation options.

Competent advice for your project. If the valid legal prerequisites are are met, maximum compensation for electricity fed into the grid can be achieved in Germany.

The steel carport by Schletter is a one-support system. The hot-dipped galvanized support serves as a central support for the design with 2- rowedvehicle arrangement. Schletter designs, plans and produces customized car ports starting from a minimum size of one single parking space.

The highly optimized Schletter car port systems ensure that highly functional parking lots can be utilized while big roof surface areas can be used for energy generation at the same time. Now the company has been awarded the Global Leading RES seal in the Unique Location category. After implementing the biggest carport photovoltaic system in Germany at .

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