Walkie talkie building melts car


The curved exterior facade of Fenchurch, aka the Walkie – Talkie , during construction. London skyscraper which melted cars by reflecting sunlight is fitted with shading. A ray of light reflected by the Walkie Talkie building in London has melted parts of a Jaguar XJ car parked in a nearby street.

A new skyscraper in London — dubbed the Walkie Talkie — is reflecting ultra- bright light with such intensity that is has caused serious damage to a Jaguar XJ parked nearby, according to the British City A. The London building that is melting cars.

Developers of a city skyscraper are re- thinking plans after. AN ICONIC building that has melted the metal on cars is now being blamed for producing ferocious wind gusts that have knocked people off their feet. The 525-foot skyscraper at Fenchurch Street in London, England earned the nickname “ Walkie Talkie ” thanks to its unique design.

Slim at the bottom and wider at the top, locals could not help noticing its similarities to a handhel two-way radio. However the Walkie Talkie also has . A giant in London is melting cars , frying bike seats, and scorching sidewalks. The glare reflected from the glass-fronted building was so strong that people changed its name to death .

Oldfield said he was “flabbergasted” that such an expensive building as the Walkie Talkie , estimated to cost pounds 2million to construct, had failed to discover the glare during the modelling and . The section that fries cars will be modified so it stops reflecting light onto the ground in such a concentrated fashion. The skyscraper, nicknamed the Walkie Talkie due to its distinctive profile, is set to be the first London building completed by Uruguayan architect . Local media reported the tiles had shattered from sunlight reflected by the Walkie Talkie tower in London. Submissions must be verifiable.

Please link directly to a reliable . A man reacts to a shaft of intense sunlight reflected from the glass windows of the Walkie Talkie tower in central London. The Carbuncle Cup celebrates outstanding ugliness . One cafe in the focus of the . The Walkie Talkie skyscraper may have a new nickname shortly. Imagine heading out to run some errands and returning to find parts of your car had melted down? The building is still under construction, hopefully there is an easy fix.

The 37-storey building at Fenchurch Street, which will feature a viewing deck and sky gardens open to the public, has been nicknamed the Walkie Talkie after its distinctive shape which appears to expand outwards at the top. Melted side mirror of jaguar car. The offending tower —better know as Fenchurch Street, or the Walkie – Talkie — was designed by Rafael Vinoly, a Uruguayan architect based in New York.

Ultra-bright light reflected from a 37-story glass building dubbed the “ Walkie Talkie ” because it resembles a hand-held radio apparently melted parts of cars parked in a street below and started a small fire outside a shop.

Nearby workers complain the light bouncing off the building can be blinding. In the past decade, London has enjoyed giving quirky names to a crop of futuristic, strange-shaped skyscrapers springing up in the heart of the city. Last year it was joined by the Shar the tallest building in Europe. Never mind the traffic, car owners in London have a new hazard to worry about: A skyscraper whose reflected rays have the power to melt cars. It seems that the Walkie – Talkie skyscraper is something of a parabolic mirror.

Updated: You can also fry an egg with it. The most recent casualty is this Jaguar XJ. The companies behind the skyscraper, nicknamed the ?

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