Flexiforce datasheet

Our most popular standard force sensor meets the requirements of most customers. Line drawn from to load. Conditioned sensor, of full force applied.

These sensors are ideal for designers, researchers, or anyone who needs to measure forces without disturbing the dynamics of their tests. Parallax Inc 5Menlo Drive, Ste.

File Name, Size, Upload Date. Recommended Excitation Circuit. Convenient and affordable. This sensor is designed to use with your own electronics or multimeter.

Force Sensitive Resistor 0. Contact your Tekscan representative for assistance. On each layer, a conductive material (silver) is applie followed by a layer of pressure-sensitive ink.

Length does not include pins, please add 31. Adhesive is then used to laminate the two layers of substrate . This is a piezoresistive force sensor from Tekscan. Pressing lightly , the resistance changes from infinite to ~300k.

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