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UClOyuVCvRfo23QXPaCRGuQA? The bold color and texture of tile roofs command attention. Clay tiles are popular in the Southwest because they deflect hot sun away from the house , cooling the interior.

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Aesthetically, the way a roof is designed can have a major impact, on not only the architectural design , but also affect its functionality. Choosing the right roof is an important decision for any homeowner when building a new house or retrofitting an existing one, as the roof not only protects a house and its . See a rich collection of stock images, vectors, or photos for house roof you can buy on Shutterstock. One of the key factors in roof design – and how to make the loft space habitable – is the angle (pitch) of the roof. Many conventional house forms have a roof pitch of around 35°, but this is too low to make good use of the loft space in all but the widest footprints. See all the tile possibilities for your new roof here.

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Roofs may be pitched (angled), or flat (which, in reality, is very slightly angled). There are many types of pitched roofs to suit different situations. As a result, there are many variations on the basic design and numerous combinations of design elements with construction methods. This varies according to design , age, type of covering, and climate. For the best performance, build a simple roof shape over a vented unconditioned attic.

A simple gable roof works in all climates. Lots of things can go wrong . Another reason for a gable roof shape is to take advantage of a vaulted ceiling. Vaulted ceilings add volume to the space, which is why many modern house designs with gable roofs take advantage of vaulted ceilings – so they can a loft space.

Mansard roofs are great for people wanting flexibility to make future home additions. When first designing and building a home, you can actually save money by having a simple mansard design to start off. You can then add on a garret or dormers at a later date.

This will not only add value to the house , . Sloped roofs are a style of modern house roofs that look great and maximize natural light. The sloped roof on this modern house keeps the front of the home bright and provides slightly more privacy at the back.

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