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Definition of roof for Students. Rooves is not wrong per se, but extremely uncommon nowadays. Barely aware of the earth beneath my feet or the roof of trees above … —Avi, Crispin.

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The plural of roof is roofs. My DD(6) came home with her spellings today – she has to change the list of nouns into plurals. They are for example: elf, roof , branch, stitch. The structure forming the upper covering of a building or vehicle. I always thought roof becomes rooves, the way hoof becomes hooves.

The roof of a car or other vehicle is the top part of it, which protects passengers or. I pronouce the plural rooves to rhyme with hooves.

Collins english dictionary. I had a really interesting discussion with my cousin, who lives in America, the other day. Granted it was by iMessage, but it was still a real-time discussion.

Learn some spelling rules for plural nouns in episode 1of The Flatmates – our interactive soap for intermediate learners with mpand pdf downloads and quizzes. The textbook Common mistakes at Proficiency by Julie Moore, Cambridge University Press, lesson 1 page says that the plural of roof is rooves. A pail stood in one corner of . Because black absorbs light (which equates to heat) and white reflects it, white is a better option for data center _____.

Answer: Either, depending on where you are. In Australia when I went to school many years ago (and I would walk to school in the snow ) I was taught that the plural of roof was rooves. Both are correct but rooves is outdated 1. Rooves is an older form of the word and rarely used these days. You just add s for the plural.

Pronunciation: (1) robf, roofs (2) rdbf, rdbfs The roofing contractor told me that he has put four roofs on houses on our block. He also said that people in the Middle West tend to say rdbf and people in the East tend to say r5bf. English language on Preply.

Hoofs are specific to mammals—all animals with hoofs are mammals, but not all mammals have hoofs. However you say it, you spell it the same . Other classes of animals, like fish or invertebrates, do not have hoofs. For a good 2years, hoofs was the primary plural form of hoof— analogized with the word roof , which has roofs as a plural form.

Regular and Irregular Plurals.

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